Mission & Values

 R&N is a nutrition consulting company that offers personal coaching and group seminars to help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. R&N's mission is to promote holistic wellness through dance, nutrition, faith, and community. 

Two of my core values are faith and diversity. R&N works with people of all genders, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds. 

R&N also values:

  • Eating whole foods! (less processed)

  • Traditional-styles of cooking

  • Sharing in community

  • Incorporating movement as a lifestyle

  • Growing self-awareness

  • Prayer and meditation

  • Finding purpose and passion

  • Enjoying life to the fullest!

Meet Sherry

Rhythm & Nutrition (R&N) was created by dietitian and dancer Sherry Lin. Sherry was a "restaurant kid," helping at her parents' restaurants after school and on the weekends. Little did Mom and Dad know, they had planted the passion for food in her heart. 

By 13 years old, Sherry knew how to julienne (thinly slice) carrots, saute fresh vegetables, grill a mean steak, and even slow-cook bone broth! She went on to pursue a degree in nutrition, combining her interests in food and medicine, through the coordinated program in dietetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Her wide experience includes working several years as a clinical dietitian, community nutritionist, and food service manager in Chicago.

During college, Sherry also discovered her passion for dance. For Sherry, dance is an outward expression of inward intention, and it is also a way to connect with those from other cultures and backgrounds. She has performed with Primo Dance Troupe, Mister Laws Group Entertainment Company, Chicago Urban Dance Collective, and Hip Hop ConnXion Dance Company. 

R&N was birthed out of her love for dance and nutrition. She hopes to use her knowledge to help others find their rhythm for a healthy and enjoyable life!

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