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"2 Eazy" Snack Ideas to Fuel Your Body and Brain!

March is Nation Nutrition Month! I'm especially excited about this year's National Nutrition Month because I am launching a series of posts providing free nutrition resources for dancers, artists, athletes. Even if you don't identify as a dancer or athlete, but are looking for health tidbits and inspiration, stick around because this information can help you, too!

Have you ever felt dizzy during practice or before a performance? Have you felt so tired you just don't want to be around even people you usually like sometimes? Perhaps it's because you didn't get enough sleep, drink enough water, or you're experiencing some scale of "hanger" (hunger + anger). One solution to the problem can be as easy as packing a snack! But I'm not talking about Hot Cheetos or candy bars.

One of the first practical advice I tell people who want to stay energized throughout the day, fuel their body and brain, and prevent "hanger" is by preparing and eating healthy, balanced snacks. Preparation is key!

My dance teammates will tell you, I am ALWAYS carrying around and munching on snacks in between classes, rehearsals, and performances. Some of my favorites are my fruits, beef jerky, or my custom made trail mix that include my absolute favorites, pistachio and dried mangoes!

The general guideline to maintain energy and satiety is to pair a carbohydrate with a fat or protein. The protein and fat will help your body absorb and utilize the sugar or glucose from the carbohydrate longer, thus, preventing sugar spikes and crashes. For example, pair slices of apples with peanut butter, or dried fruit with mixed nuts, and so on. Always choose real food over processed food if you're serious about feeling energized, presenting your best self, and not your "hangry" self. I've created a list to give you easy, 2 ingredient snack ideas that will fuel your body and brain throughout the day! Click on the photo below to download the list.

Here's how you can use this list to improve your energy level:

1. Pick 2 ideas on the list each week

2. Shop for those items

3. Portion the items out in containers or zip lock bags

4. Pack them in your bag and Eat!

Tell me what your favorite snacks are and which ones you're going to try! Enjoy!

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